• Staff Incentives

    From incentive awards for your top sales person to a full-blown campaign for your top achievers, we can produce incentive programs almost all over the world.

  • Client Incentives

    Do you want to give recognition and appreciation to a loyal customer? Here's the solution: Holiday gift Voucher Dante Communication!

  • Distributor Incentives

    This is a unique way to build and improve business relationships with your distributor.

Programe pentru clienti
Programe pentru angajati
Programe pentru parteneri


Whether it is for individual staff, your sales team, your channel partners or distributor network, we’ll work with you to design a unique and powerful incentive travel reward that will take your sales and profits to the next level.

An expertly delivered travel incentive beats a merchandise or cash incentive hands down.  Long after the cash spent, the memories of a truly unique travel experience live on a lifetime.

Our incentives include:

  • Concept the incentives program
  • Finding the perfect destination to motivate your employees, distributor or clients
  • Hotel sourcing, negotiating, and contracting
  • Comprehensive tour arranging including flights, accommodations, car rentals, insurance
  • Plan and manage all receptions, group activities and optional tours