Designed to improve workplace productivity and win the appreciation of both staff and management, these activities foster key values like planning, coordination, communication, leadership, innovation and collaboration. Set in novel environments that are far removed from everyday office spaces and stuffy classrooms, participants learn valuable skills that be easily integrated into their working lives.

Working to specific objectives, schedules and budgets, we can design half or full day programs for corporate groups of any size.

All activities below have been specifically designed to improve working relationships in a fun and competitive environment.

In the Forest

  • Forest Path: A series of mental, physical and logical challenges set in the forest, and designed to suit explicit objectives.
  • Treasure Hunt: Teams head into the forest with maps and clues to unravel a series of intricate puzzles and lead to buried treasure.
  • Prize Giving Ceremony: At the end of the team building activity, the group comes together at a sunset stop to reveal winners and award prizes.
  • Dinner and Entertainment: Post sunset, the group can relax at an exclusive campsite to enjoy a barbecue dinner buffet and traditional entertainment including, campfire and dancing.

At the Beach

  • Including Romania, there are many countries which has a stunning array of beaches, and serve as some of the most popular venues for team building exercises. Working in partnership with select hotels, we can organize beach games, water sports competitions, or other team activities, followed by an award ceremony set over a barbecue on the sands.

Across the City

  • Our Treasure Hunt is a frequently requested activity, with participants engaging their skills across various parameters to emerge winners. Teams have to explore a city on foot (or by car during the summer), visit historic landmarks, uncover clues, solve puzzles, and find a treasure. The day can conclude with dinner at one of local fine dining restaurants.

Survival Games

  • 24 hour overnight experience;
  • Tea and coffee on arrival, all food and equipment included;

Activities include, priorities of survival, navigation, searching for food, food preparation, shelter building, fire lighting, night navigation, stalking, sleeping out in own shelters, self-defense, river crossing (without getting wet).